The Declaration for Hope

Hope is the belief in possible. It is the fundamental energy that drives our vision of a better future — a world governed by grace, compassion, forgiveness, and love. From the smallest and most personal of actions to the largest and most sweeping social changes, hope is how we move forward.

In a world that is excessively polarized, and often cruel to those with little means to help themselves, the need for hope has never been greater. In this world, it is imperative
that we change the current climate of selfishness, blame, and meanspiritedness in both our public and our private lives. We need to reflect anew on the teachings of our various religious and secular traditions and then act together to help remake our world — here and now — into a true community that is more fair, caring, and, peaceable for all.

Because hope transcends nationalities, religions, and moral and ethical systems, we call upon all people of conscience and good will to seize every opportunity to treat others with kindness and respect, to rise above cynicism, and to act for justice. Where we see suffering, let us alleviate it; where we see fear, let us reassure and comfort; where we see ignorance, let us teach; where we see loneliness, let us befriend; where we see despair, let us inspire; where we see indifference, let us take action.

Together, through the choices we make and do not make, and our service and work in the causes that are important to us, we can move in sometimes small but significant ways toward creating the world “as it should be.” This is the vision for how we relate to one another and to our environment that was intended by the Creator and is the goal of moral people everywhere.

And so do we, each one of us signed below, make the following pledge:

I hereby commit myself, personally and in company with others, to do whatever I can to bring hope to life by helping to build the compassionate, loving, and peaceful world all people — at our best, deepest, and most spiritual level — know is possible and desire to inhabit, preserve, and leave to future generations.

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