The Declaration for Hope

The Declaration for Hope expresses the goals and aspirations of the Project to Ignite Hope. It is the product of many voices within in the Project’s ongoing initiative to encourage people of faith and good will to help build a better world.

Many of these voices were present at the initiative’s inaugural conference, Ignite Hope Chicago, in November 2011, where the document was presented, discussed, amended, and ultimately affirmed by all of the attendees.

We invite you to read the Declaration, and, if you feel so moved, to personally affirm it, by marking the checkbox. Affirming the Declaration obliges you to do nothing except honor the personal commitment you make to doing whatever you can, in your own way, to creating a more just, compassionate, and loving world. But in doing so, you will be joining the increasing number of people around the world who share this common spirit, and who are actively working to bring hope to life.

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