Ignite Hope is action. Ignite Hope is action in the service of creating a better future.

It is not a passive invitation, but rather a personal summons: a call for each of us to go beyond what is often comfortable or convenient, in order to remake our world in the way we believe God would want it.

How we answer this call is ultimately determined by the choices we make every day. These can be small and personal or grand and sweeping. But in every case they must be built on the universal principles of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

This is a path that is not always easy, and one that almost always involves sacrifice. Often we must alter our patterns and rhythms in ways we’re not used to, giving up time, convenience, and expense that is precious to us. Nor is this path free from risk, as we often must subject ourselves to moral or even physical challenges or danger. And we will also almost certainly face cynicism or apathy from those who may be skeptical that our actions can make a difference in any meaningful way.

But this is our challenge: to overcome these obstacles, and to take a leap of faith: one that not merely makes the battle worth waging, but one — the only one — that can ensure that we are able to build a more just and compassionate world.

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