Ignite Hope is a belief.  Ignite Hope is the belief in possible; the conviction that a compassionate, forgiving, and loving world is attainable; and that from the spark of hope within us, we — ordinary people — can actually help bring it about.

How do we know? We know because despite the tragedy and despair we see around us, hope is never extinguished. Grounded in faith, hope is positive and energetic. It is a mindset that compels us to change the way we think and believe about what is possible. And those possibilities are being made real today, right now, in every corner of the planet.

We see it in the Middle East, where people are standing up against oppressive political structures, and for independence, pluralism, and tolerance. We see it in the big city, where a young woman purchases needed supplies for a neighborhood shelter, and expects nothing — not even thanks — in return.

Hope is in the heart of the office worker, who shows simple respect to a colleague, or in the heart of the passerby, who stops to give directions to a stranger. And hope is in the eyes of the man in the hospital bed, who gains strength knowing that people are there to care for and comfort those who are ill or dying.

In the end, how can we not believe in what’s possible? How can we not choose to ignite hope?

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