Our Values: Hope

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.
Corinthians 3:12

Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so all-encompassing as is hope. Hope begins inside us, and carries with it a specific endpoint. “Hope,” in the words of Dr. Jerome Groopman, author of The Anatomy of Hope, “is the elevating feeling we experience when we see — in the mind’s eye — a path to a better future.”

Where compassion and forgiveness may be thought of as more individual in scale, hope — and to a great extent love, as well — is more universal. Hope is interconnected with these other principles, but it is also their enabling force; you cannot have compassion, or love, or forgiveness, without hope.

This new way of seeing is manifested by a global attitude about living, in all its dimensions. It goes beyond benevolence toward our fellow humans to include respect for all living things, as well as attention and care for the planet that we call home.

If you believe in God, then hope is inevitable — because without it, you have lost faith itself. But hope transcends all religious and moral systems. It is bold, positive, and self-renewing; by its very nature it compels imitation and repetition, because its outcomes are only positive. Hope, by definition, plants another seed of hope, which plants another, and so ripples outward, gaining power and bringing others in its wake, as it steadfastly builds toward the better future that is impossible to imagine in its absence.

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