Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant.
Quʼran, Chapter 7, Verse 199

We all know the power inherent in forgiveness. This simple act often enables a seismic shift in interpersonal relationships, or within one’s self.

Forgiveness is a gift, from one person to another. The notion of “release” — of ceasing to feel resentment against another, or to demanding punishment — may be motivated by love, philosophy, appreciation for the forgiveness of others, empathy, or personal temperament. Even pure pragmatism can lead to forgiveness, as it is well documented that people who forgive are happier than those who hold grudges.

But in all cases forgiveness changes the moment, permitting a relationship to reattach the bonds that originally defined it, or remove them entirely. Forgiveness can’t change the past, but it can liberate an individual from it, incorporating acceptance and allowing for an opportunity to move forward. Forgiveness, in this most important context, is an act of self-healing.

The ability to forgive is a power that every individual holds. It is eminently personal. It is inherently optimistic. And it is naturally hopeful.

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