Ignite Hope Chicago

On Saturday, November 19th, Chicagoland Christians of all ages and denominations will join together for a day of conversation and reflection at the conference A Conversation About the Kingdom of God. This conference is the capstone event to our year-long project of exploration, Ignite Hope Chicago.

The conversation had its beginnings back in the spring, when congregations throughout the Chicago area began a series of discussions about how we might act individually and together to help make the world a better place. The springboard for these gatherings was a recent booklet by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce entitled A New Way of Seeing — Living Authentically in the Here-and-Now Kingdom of God. The author, a lifelong Chicago resident, is a writer and publisher, highly committed to the calling of laity at work in the world.

These theologically rich and practically relevant discussions have drawn on the  experiences of the participants as they have challenged themselves to more actively work toward bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth — in their jobs, with families and loved ones, and in their communities and civic involvement.

We invite you to join us! The conference is free, so if you’re in the area — or even if you’re not — please consider attending, and lending your voice to the conversation. Just go to the registration page to let us know you’re coming.

Let’s make this informative, engaging, and inspirational day the first step toward igniting hope, here and now.

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